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Metre bridge it consists of one metre long constantan wire ac of uniform crosssectional ar ea mounted on a wooden board with a scale fig. Drag one of the wires to the right gap of the metre bridge. Thick metal strips bent at right angles ar e used to pr ovide two gaps e and f to connect resistors forming a wheatstones fig. Meter bridge study material for iit jee askiitians. To study the vi characteristics of an incandescent lamp. This bridge works under the principle of wheatstone bridge. We know that the wheatstone bridge is used to measure the unknown resistance connected in a circuit. Lab experiment for kelvin double bridge pantech solutions. Electric science free energy using magnet with light bulb at home 2019. Notice that the computed rx does not depend on the voltage vo. Meter bridge is an instrument that is used to find the unknown resistance of a coil or any other material. A meter bridge, galvanometer, one way key, a resistance box, a battery jockey, unknown.

It consists of four resistors of which two resistors are known resistors, one. Ab is a uniform wire 100 cm1m long, stretched in two segments of 50 cms. The two ends of the wire are attached to ter minals a and c. Finding the resistance of a given wire using meter bridge. The galvanometer has a current sensitivity of 10 mma and an internal resistance of 100 calculate the deflection of the galvanometer caused by the 5. The hays bridge differs from maxwells bridge by having resistor r1 in series with standard capacitor c1 instead of in parallel.

To find the resistance of the given wire using meter bridge and hence determine the specific resistance of its material. Meter bridge determination of specific resistance experiment edunovus online smart practicals. To verify the laws of combination of resistances in series using a meter bridge. Another advantage of the wheatstone bridge is that, because it uses a null measurement, vab 0, the galvanometer does not have to be calibrated. The meter bridge is a device for measurement of resistance using the principle of wheatstone network. Precautions when using a metre bridge 1 the value of the known resistance s should be chosen so that the balance point comes somewhere on the middle third of the wire, i. Name of the apparatus quantity 1 lab trainer kit 1 2 multimeter 1 3 unknown inductor 1 theory. A meter bridge slide wire bridge, a lecranche cell, a galvanometer, a resistor, a jockey, a one way key, a resistance wire, a screw gauge, a meter scale, a set of square, connecting wire, a piece of sand paper. Click on the battery and the resistance box shown on the side bar menu to place them near to the metre bridge. The battery voltage is 5 v and its internal resistance negligible.

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