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How to assure quality and performance of your network and services. The high data transfer rates will allow 3g networks to offer multimedia services combining voice and data. This is used to measure contribution to subscriber perceived quality and system performance. The release 99 core network contains the circuit switched domain and packet switched domain. Mobile network planing process case study 3g network. Introduction to umts radio kpi 3g network planning introduce huawei northwest africa region rnp solution manage. Network management business scorecard designed in ms excel. The quality of the lte rf design will be evaluated using planning tool. Those who work in network management should be aware of the role of the kpi in measuring performance. Call quality analysis, using customer complaints, statistical data, and drive test data.

This training would help boost the performance of individuals by communicating the metricskpis that matter. Pre drive was conducted in november 2014 and network was a lot less loaded at that time so with the increase in number of users the footprint. In fact, the device is backward compatible with older technologies, which is why a 3g compatible phone can get 2g service if its available when 3g service is not. Selfoptimizing solution for 2g, 3g and 4g mobile networks.

In particular the different approval criteria needed for the different types of iso documents should be noted. Developing meaningful kpis the following methodology provides a guide through the process of developing clear objectives and key performance indicators kpis to support a strategy. It is not only a value 3g kpi is not only a value, but a system, for example of cdr call drop rate network planning network construct transmission optimization root cause dropcall cause 59. Following table summarizes kpis for lte ranradio access network.

Test measurement challenges and field environment test planning school of electrical engineering master. Key performance indicator kpi dlc project management page 10 10. With todays complex projects, increased stakeholder involvement, and advances in computer technology, metrics and key performance indicators kpis have become increasingly integral to informed decisionmaking and effective project management. Hierarchical analysis of gsm network performance data. Ooredoo mobile network exhibits better voice performance than omantel network with all kpis meeting the tra thresholds. Mobile operators share networks or merge their network infrastructure for. T the kpi has clear and complete definition and s pecific formula, include check point and procedure. Pdf 3g kpi formula access type kpi group kpi name kpi. Kpis the simple and practical way for beginners and busy people to measure what matters for business performance by stacey barr introduction before we can throw ourselves into developing corporatewide performance measurement or kpi systems, or get the best return from business intelligence bi and. Specific complete kpi definition include the formula combine with the check point or. Lte kpi measurement methodology and acceptance procedure. Traffic hotspot localization in 3g and 4g wireless.

To gain oversight of both the network and departmental productivity, managers make use of pertinent kpis. Omantel mobile network exhibits poor voice performance with all kpis notmeeting the tra thresholds. Key performance indicator mapping this exercise wont give you specific metrics to use or things to measure. Pdf a 3g network is a magnificently complex object embedded in a highly heterogeneous and everchanging usage environment. The new edition of harold kerzners bestselling book on measuring project management performance. Gprsedge network key performance indicators kpis this document presents the essential key performance indicators kpis required for evaluation of quality of service qos of edge gprs cellular.

What this will do is give you an extremely powerful tool to build the foundation to develop kpis that immediately beneficial and effective. Rf optimization and kpi pdf evaluation is presented on the basis of four major kpis i. The use of multiple vendor technologies and an exponential rise in network elements creates new challenges in gaining endtoend visibility of performance and availability for 4g lte i and ims networks and services. A signal that is transmitted by the transmitting antenna btsms and received by the. Call blocking is found to be significantly high throughout the governorate of al dakhiliyah on omantel network. The above kpi classification fully considers the customer experience and focuses on the quality of experience, providing a wide range of network kpis to reflect network factors that are relative to the service quality, using industry standards as reference to define network counters and kpis. To address legacy systems limitations in this regard 4g lte was introduced. Running the business of it metrics that matter 3 for years the it function has been capturing, organizing, and delivering information for everyone in the company. Measurable drive test driver test route is based on n field test drive test cluster, it is involved about 20 evaluate the overall network sites in one cluster usually. The kpis include, but are not limited to traffic, call completion rate, handover success rate, and call drop rate. Pdf introduction to umts radio kpi atthapol ruangboot. Project management metrics, kpis, and dashboards wiley.

Third generation 3g mobile network planning process and. The following is a scenario of introducing a system of benchmarking into an organisation. Pdf traffic monitoring and analysis in 3g networks. The kpi should be an accurate, honest reflection of the process efficacy in delivering the outcome. How to analyze 3g kpi accessibility issues youtube.

Technical attainablecommon target for mobilis and huawei huawei technologies co. Our corporate rivers are overflowing with them drenching everything in numbers and targets. Introduction key performance indicators kpi emanate from strategic goals of enterprise, and cascade through the entire organization. In case of dispute, the reference shall be the printing on etsi printers of the pdf version kept on a specific network drive. Introduction financial corporations and especially banking institutions require a great deal of software development. Feb 27, 2016 3g umtswcdma kpis key performance indicators.

Michael mccormick kpis for project management when we want to create kpis for pm, we need to use the csc critical success criteria related to project management. Scorecard and kpis for monitoring software factories. In case of dispute, the reference shall be the printing on etsi printers of the pdf version kept on a specific network drive within etsi secretariat. Indicators kpis which can be used to measure transport efficiency both at company and sectoral levels. Introduction cellular technology evolution has been started since 1950s, and the. The accuracy of localization can be very high and improved comparing to the recent used techniques. The paper describes how kpis enable control of the design processes while the project is in progress. Backhaul network, imperfect channel state information csi, and synchronization substantially compromise the performance in comp, which degrades the key performance indicators kpis and key quality indicators kqis in 5g. Or perhaps a departments or business groups entire suite of. This method is an extension to the methods developed by. Each one will have a solid business case and you will know exactly how each one impacts. Network management business scorecard designed in ms excel managing a network is a cumbersome task for sure as it involves planning, coordinating, allotting and tracking the resources that have been allotted to the network constituents.

Itu workshop on quality of service and quality of experience of multimedia applications and services haarlem, 9. Evolving 4g kpis to improve end user qoe for 4g lte. The procedures used to develop this document and those intended for its further maintenance are described in the isoiec directives, part 1. It was the combination of these two network elements that provided the basis for the 3g umts network architecture. Dec 04, 2014 add failures and kpis for troubleshooting bts resources check bts configuration in terms of ce allocation use channel element 5001 counters in order to evaluate lack of channel elements expand the capacity or decrease the traffic offered to the site until the problem is solved. Based on the international telecommunications union standards, the 3g network is the third generation of mobile networking and telecommunications. In the noc, technicians use network management software to keep a close eye on the network while department managers keep a close eye on them. What is kpi what are lte kpis,key performance indicators. Some kpis in cdma network include handset received power rx power, handset transmitter power tx power, frame erasure rate fer, ecio etc.

Its surprising how few people actually determine what their standards are, never mind communicate and measure performance. Key performance indicators means factors by reference to which the development, performance or position of the business of the. In the optimization process we have to check the kpi value to monitor and optimize the radio network performance in order to provide better subscriber quality or to achieve better use of installed network resources. It describes the processes to ensure that kpis have targets and owners. One reason for resource limitation is number of 3g user increase, and operator changing fee decrease also lead to the increase of average erlang. As a new alternative, key performance indicators can give an idea about the hotspot zones but with very low accuracy with a granularity of the cell radius. Introduction wireless network optimization is a key process in the wireless network. Key performance indicators kpis are essential to the success of any network provider. We often ask clients whether their staff are meeting all their workplace standards. The kpis are certain quantitative parameters to evaluate network quality, and typical kpis include peak rates and latency. Add failures and kpis for troubleshooting bts resources check bts configuration in terms of ce allocation use channel element 5001 counters in order to evaluate lack of channel elements expand the capacity or decrease the traffic offered to the site until the problem is solved. Kpis for the design stage has been selected for experts to be validated through the interviews. The additional of packet data with gprs required additional network entities to be added. This will be based on a combination of area predictions and monte carlo simulations.

By completing tonexs gsm, umts, and hspa network kpi training workshop, you will gain both the theoretical knowledge of kpis and practical skills of using a variety of performance management techniques and methods for kpi planning and development. T the kpi has clear and complete definition and specific formula, include check point and procedure. Key performance indicators in the food supply chain. Scorecard and kpis for monitoring software factories effectiveness in the financial sector international journal of information systems and project management, vol. For those which contain specific services, such as hsdpa and cmb, or specific algorithms, we also need to observe the integral indexes of corresponding kpis. Get wireless telecom training through worlds finest expert hd videos by telcoma. When you take a raft of kpis and mathematically combine them into a single figure, youve got yourself a performance index.

Pdf created with pdffactory pro trial version 3g kpis. Selfoptimizing solution for 2g, 3g and 4g mobile networks dynamically maximizing the performance and quality of service qos of current and future mobile infrastructures. The utran kpi definition and development effort is performed at the two. The radio access network changed considerably as a completely new radio interface was used based around the use of cdma. Handover between lte and 3g radio access technologies. Why use kpis when an outcome is monitored and trended with a kpi, the resulting figure tells you the process performance effectiveness.

Introduction the design process is the main process in any construction project. Packet switched domain of 3g umts network serves all data related services for the. These kpis are parameters that are to be observed closely when the network monitoring is going on. Following are the issues to be discussed in below power point presentation. Example of introducing kpis into an organisation this information is only available to paying isurv subscribers. A comparison of ip vs 3g network performance indicators. In this whiteboard video, sevones senior systems engineer, matt goldberg, explains 4g lte and ims and the kpis you should monitor across all of the components in the data path. Specific complete kpi definition include the formula combine with the check. Identifying the kpis for the design stage based on the. The most important feature of 3g mobile cellular network is introduction of voice data integrated service under multilayered cell environment to support overflow. Develop the concept of a pump application in which all the information contained in the plant databases would be monitored, and in which kpis will obviously stand an important role. It features a wider range of services and advances network capacity over the previous 2g network and also increases the rate of information transfer known as spectral efficiency. In 1997 we were commissioned by etsu, which manages the eebbp, to assist with the development of these kpis and to organise a survey of the transport operations of a sample of companies in the frozen food sector to test the kpi methodology.

Attainable 3g kpi is output of combination with investment include technology, hr, cost, competition strategy etc. This raft of performance metrics might be a collection of customer survey questions that get rolled up into a pseudo overall satisfaction index. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Umts radio network kpi telecom knowledge and experience. With a reliable kpi measure of performance the effect of a.

Kpis are measurable by given condition, measurable measurement equipment and procedure. Since all suggested corrective actions would be based on manual root cause analysis in. Implement a kpis library for pumps that would be a case study of assetrelated kpis library. Proven best telecom 5g, 4g, 3g, 2g, iot, wimax training courses.

The purpose is to check the performance of network. Wall street business magnate stephen chu, winner of the strathmores whos who registry honoring the most successful business tycoons in the world, says the demolisher betting system lived up exactly to its billing. We have categories of kpi and numbers of kpi of each category. Transmission and reception of several radio frequency. This may cause damage to the network, not only directly causing call drop, but also brings extra interference towards the network. Proactor function together for automated selforchestration of 2g, 3g. Kpis are specified through definition and measurement of key parameters of inputoutput of internal. Pdf mobile network planing process case study 3g network. Performance management is having access to the right information at the right time. This is the 2nd series of white paper that provides a brief and data specific assessment of the current networks with respect to the. Should you combine your kpis into a single performance index. Introduction 3g network kpis 3 g mobile telecommunications.

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