My book house through fairy halls 1920s

My bookhouse complete set, volumes 16 hardcover 1920. New listing antique childrens my book house olive beaupre miller 5 books 1920s set. Make offer vintage 1948 print my book house through fairy halls hc childrens book. Pastedowns and titles framed by embossed, decorative lines. Through fairy halls of my bookhouse, library of congress. My book house, the bookhouse for children by olive beaupre. Published by the bookhouse for children publishers 1920. Through fairy halls of my bookhouse audio book olive beaupre miller 1883 1968 full of delightful fairy tales, charming poems and engaging stories, this is the third volume of the my. My book house 6 volumes volume 1, in the nursery 1920 volume 2, up one pair of stairs 1920 volume 3, through fairy halls 1920 volume 4, the treasure chest 1920 volume 5, from the tower window 1921 volume 6, the latch key 1921 my travelship 3 volumes little pictures of japan 1925 tales told in holland 1926 nursery friends from france 1927. Vintage 1920s my bookhouse book house 6 volume set childrens books collection. My book house partial 3 volume set lot 1971 home school children reading books.

The information below comes from olive beaupre miller and the book house by dorothy loring taylor, a book we highly recommend. Childrens book selections, available online, through fairy halls of. Through fairy halls of my bookhouse olive beaupre miller. First published in 1920 and reprinted continuously from 1920 through 1928. Embossed, black cloth hardcover bindings with pastedown illustrations. My bookhouse through fairy halls my book house but early in the morning before hansel and grethel were awake, the old witch got up, went over to a great oven in one corner of the house and. Through fairy halls of my bookhouse book, 1928 worldcat. Bookhouse for children, publishers miller, olive beaupre riley, garada clark petersham, miska petersham, maud. Volume three olive beaupre miller ed published by the bookhouse for children, chicago, il. Originally published in the 1920s as a six volume set, these books. The assembling of the fays prince fairyfoot lullaby for titania the sleeping.

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