Suunto cobra dive log book

Rather than filling out the logbook, just print out your log sheets to prove your diving. The computer has a 36 hour of diving logbook memory. You can compare your dive details like max depth, gas time or water temperature, create and upload detailed dive plans to your dive computer. Not looking for anything spectacularly sophisticated. It is the only airintegrated dive computer with air. Whether you need a new diving log book binder for yourself, or an exciting compilation of shipwreck tales to give your favorite dive buddy, you will find these items and more here. Like the bluetooth synchronization across all devices. Navigatinginthemenus suuntocobra2hasfourmainoperatingmodestimemodetime,divemode dive, plan mode plan, and memory mode memory. Suunto pc download option to suunto dive dm5 software. Log book memory hours based on a 20s sampling rate, the zoop novo has 140.

Suunto cobra is an airintegrated consolemounted dive computer that. My scuba diary is a free, lightweight logbook to manage your dives. My scuba diary a lightweight logbook for your dives. Subsurface is an open source divelog program for recreational, tech, and freedivers that runs on windows, mac and linux. Suunto usb download kit see description for compatibility. The suunto cobra3 has a very sophisticated, high capacity logbook and profile. The end of logs text is displayed between the oldest and most recent dive. Im on a dive team and each diver is issued a cobra 3. Remembers all your dive details so no need to risk getting your dive log wet out at sea as you can fill them in later. It can also import any existing dive logs from suunto dive manager.

Suunto is committed to achieving level aa conformance for this website in conformance with the web content accessibility guidelines wcag 2. Dive logbook memlogbook the suunto cobra2 has a very sophisticated, high capacity logbook and profile memory. This suunto usb interface and dive manager software is compatible with the suunto cobra, mosquito, vyper, vyper air, vytec, helo2 and zoop dive computers. The data is recorded in the profile memory based on the selected sample rate. In the past, manufacturers provided a serial rs232 interface to download data from their dive. Cressi leonardo, giotto, newton, goa to download any cressi dive computer with dive log managerdivelogdt, you must also first install the cressi specific software found on their website. Free download divemate scuba dive log apk for android. Is suunto zoop novo still the best beginner dive computer in 2020. How long will your dive computer last undercurrent 1120. Import them from other dive log programs or dive log. Suunto cobra airnitrox air integrated scuba dive decompression computer suunto cobra combines several technological innovations into one product. Suunto cobra is an airintegrated consolemounted dive computer that combines versatile features with a userfriendly design. I would never dive without an alternative air source.

The other dives ranged from 90 to 60 feet and the computer provided everything i needed to record the dive and dive safely. Suunto usb download cable for helo2 cobra vyper zoop the. Suunto cobra airintegrated consolemounted dive computer. Great value suunto dive computer battery replacement kit. Use dive log by moremobilesoftware on macbook pro, ipad, and iphone. Suunto movescount is a growing sports community where you can create your own sports diary to collect and share your activities as well as customize your compatible suunto watch. Members area my account books special offers about us faq contact us rss site map other links. Our proprietary dive computer connector allows you to download your logs from more than 100 dive computer models list of supported dive computers. In my situation, this is usually my backup computer.

Suunto dx and dx titanium dive computer a class of their own. However, i when my son dives with me, it becomes his dive computer. Installed perfectly in my suunto cobra and vyper air dive. I love the computer log book takes some time to learn to use but very simple and easy to follow interface while diving they do have issues with depth sensor and this was a replacement dive computer my first. Cobra cobra 2 cobra 3 d3 d4 d4f d4i d4i novo d5 d6 d6i d6i novo d9 d9tx dx eon eon core eon steel gekko helo2 mosquito solution solution alpha solution nitrox spyder stinger vyper vyper 2 vyper air vyper novo vytec vytec ds zoop zoop novo. With the suunto dm5, available for pc and mac, you can download your dive logs for advanced analysis.

However, my son went diving with me on friday, and i want to download his dive into his log book. The air sensor can streamline dive kit or give a backup. Aeris 500 ai, a300, a300 ai, a300cs, atmos 2, atmos ai, atmos ai 2, compumask, elite, elite t3, epic, f10, f11. It may not, in whole or in part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any media without prior written consent from suunto. In dm5 logbook you can see every dive as a graph and analyze it to the bits. This instruction manual is ed and all rights are reser ved. The suunto usb download kit is for uploading logbook dives to a pcmac in order to optionally store and organize the data, compute statistics, simulate dives and personalize the logbook file. How to use logbook on your suunto zoop or suunto vyper silver. The suunto dm5 software allows you to both transfer your dive computers logbook data to your laptop for detailed analysis and upload detailed dive plans from your laptop to your dive computer. For those of you who own a dive computer, diviac is your future proof logbook. From dive slates to instructor guides, we have a huge selection of books. How do i upload my logs from another logbook software. If you havent installed the log software from your dive computer manufacturer on your computer beforehand, youll probably need to instal a usb driver so that your computer can recognize your device. These log books and cordura binders allow you to keep all your certification and dive.

Downloading your dive computer more mobile software. Vyper air vyper novo vytec vytec ds zoop zoop novo, suunto dive. Just started diving and need a scuba divers log book, or maybe you are up to your 500th dive and need another log book. The suunto usb download kit is for uploading logbook d. Sunnto had a defect with their cobra computers and it effected several of ours. Arlington, va tried to repair his cobra, suunto wanted the price of a new cobra to repair a dead cobra. Divemate is the dive log book app to quickly and easily document your diving experiences. The companion is a wristmounted dive computer that can track multilevel air dives but is not nitroxcapable. To build your perfect console, complement it with the suunto sk compass or suunto.

Suunto sreducedgradientbubblemodelrgbm,utilizedinthesuuntocobra. Subgear xpair, suunto cobra, suunto cobra 2, suunto cobra 3, suunto d3, suunto d4, suunto. Over the years we have stood on the highest mountains and explored the deepest oceans enabling people to turn their dreams into. Since the cobra is normally my backup computer, i dont normally download it. With suunto dm5 you can easily create dive plans and analyze your dives. We had to send them back but they were covered by suunto. The on surface features were very helpful to record the dive details later in my log book.

The deepest dive was 144 feet and the computer worked like a champ. Enrich your dive logs or other sports with a short story, photos and videos. Log books are small and difficult to fill in the blanks. Hi folks, wondering if anyone has any recommendations for pc, windows xpbased dive log software. The cobra provides audible alarms and notifications for dive time. Connect your dive computer, transfer dives and enrich them with personal experiences via picture, video and notes. Writing in a log book is time consuming and if you dont have good handwriting illegible. This is the list of supported dive computers through libdivecomputer as of september 2019. Easy to download from suunto cobra computer to macbook and then sync with other devices. You can compare your dive details like max depth, gas time or water temperature, create and upload detailed dive plans to your dive computer, make notes and much more. It enables you to connect your dive computer to your pc and download your dive data. Logbook page indicator present depth dive counter plan button scroll button increase value, ascend remaining air time.

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